Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Q&A with YOR Health – Hope in a Difficult Economy

YOR Health
According to YOR Health, thousands of people around the world are experiencing a case of the doldrums due to their uncertain economic future. As people in many nations lose their jobs and their homes in record numbers, the feeling of safety and security is long gone, says the team at YOR Health. Below, YOR Health offers some suggestions for workers in these difficult times.

Q: What do the founders of YOR Health see as important challenges in today’s world?

YOR Health: Too many people have been paralyzed with fear and anxiety, not knowing how to take care of themselves and their love ones.

Q: So how can their long-term prospects be improved?

YOR Health: In our experience, even some of the most optimistic individuals are just hoping that things improve.

Q: Are there actionable tools that can be used to fix the issue?

YOR Health: The good news is, yes. However, people must first examine how we reached this point. Our current economic problems can be attributed to three major factors.

Q: Please explain…

YOR Health: The Earth’s population has grown exponentially in recent years. Most of that population growth is occurring in third-world countries, where workers are willing to accept extremely low wages. As a way to stay competitive, many businesses in developed nations are regularly shifting work to less stable economies. That means fewer jobs are available at home.

Q: What’s the second factor?

YOR Health: Then, many governments are spending well beyond their means, which has led to remarkable amount of debt on a global scale.

Q: What does this debt mean for local economies?

YOR Health: As these economies are required to cut spending, it will mean less credit, less government-supported employment and less government spending.

Q: And what is the third and final factor?

YOR Health: In developed countries, many businesses and organizations haven’t been innovative in their products, services or operations.

Q: Can you please explain what happens when there’s not enough innovation?

YOR Health: With no real innovation, services and products aren’t nearly as valuable or affordable. As a result, other countries avoid making purchases from countries that are major exporters and jobs begin to disappear.

Q: How badly did the recent economic collapse affect the United States?

YOR Health: In the economic downturn of 2008, approximately 12 million jobs were lost. Unfortunately, only about 20 percent of those jobs have been replenished since then.

Q: How has this affected the mood of your fellow citizens?

YOR Health: In a survey last year, 61 percent of Americans said that they don’t believe these jobs will return.

Q: What’s the predicted future of the unemployment rate there?

YOR Health: The economic forecasts show that the unemployment rate in most countries will remain high over the next decades.

Q: How does this affect the workforce and their families?

YOR Health: People are seeking opportunities to have their own businesses in order to support their loved ones. It makes more sense to take control of the situation rather than leave the future in another person’s hands. YOR Health offers an amazing opportunity to do just that!

For more information on improving your financial future, visit YOR Health online at yorhealth.com.