Sunday, December 8, 2013

YOR Health Touts Good Digestion as Essential Element of Good Health

YOR Health
Q: How does your company promote good digestion?

YOR Health: One of our key products, the YOR Nutrition Delivery System (NDS), helps the body maximize nutritional intake while supporting the process of healthy elimination. Essentially, it’s benefiting nutrient absorption in a brand-new way. After more than three years of research studies, the company has found a unique way to improve nutrient absorption in a way that maximizes the benefits of nutritional intake. This state-of-the-art solution is exclusive to our company and has been positioned as the ideal balance between science and nature.

Q: What are enzymes and how do they assist the body?

YOR Health: Enzymes are defined as biologically active proteins that can be found in plants and raw foods. Enzymes are solely responsible for distributing nutrients throughout the body, and regular processes are simply not possible without them.

Q: Why do so many people struggle with health issues?

YOR Health: Fewer nutrients are now found in the most popular items. Plus, the prevalence of global obesity is causing major illnesses and injuries. These occurrences can be directly tied to the lack of quality in today’s food supply.

Q: How do people determine their nutritional status?

YOR Health: Nutritional status is a popular measurement used to examine the presence of nutrients in the body while determining whether or not these nutrients are meeting the body’s physiological needs. Nutritional status is a crucial element in good health. It maintains balance between nutrient absorption and nutrient elimination in the key processes of growth, metabolism and health preservation.

Q: What are the chief characteristics of this product?

YOR Health: YOR NDS is a terrific innovation in the field of nutrition. After performing extensive research studies, the company has crafted a proprietary enzyme blend designed for premium results.