Monday, August 11, 2014

YOR Health Advises Customers to Purchase the Slim Set

YOR Health
The leadership team of YOR Health contends that the company’s YOR Health Slim Set is the perfect solution for many dedicated and health-savvy consumers. With a unique mixture of nutritional products included all in one package, the Slim Set has emerged as a remarkable tool to keep Independent Representatives and Customers engaged in their fitness routines. Below, YOR Health offers a brief rundown of this remarkable collection and the enormous benefits that consumers derive from using its delicious contents.
  • The Slim Set offers a premium level of support to help Independent Representatives and Customers work towards a healthier and happier life, with diet and exercise. This journey begins with the popular YOR Shake, which effectively curbs cravings, and satisfies hunger.
  • The Slim Set includes the following: YOR Shake, YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra and YOR Berry Blast. YOR Digest Ultra and YOR Probiotics Ultra are designed to assist with digestive health, YOR Berry Blast boosts the body’s energy sources to provide overall support, and YOR Shake maximizes use of carbs so they are not stored as fat.
  • As an added benefit to consumers, YOR Health has included a bonus YOR Pill Box and YOR Small Shaker Cup to reward people for enrolling in this exciting and highly effective program. Compact and convenient for all users, the Small Shaker Cup is perfect for mixing up a delicious powder mix such as YOR Shake or YOR SuperGreens. Meanwhile, the YOR Pill Box presents consumers with the opportunity to carry their YOR Health products on the go.
Consumers who are interested in purchasing the Slim Set are invited to visit the YOR Health website at and place an order today. Delivery of these packages are now available to Australia and New Zealand as well.