Friday, August 1, 2014

YOR Health Provides an Endorsement of YOR Muscle Energy

YOR Health
When YOR Health Customers are feeling sluggish after an exhausting workout routine, YOR Muscle Energy often provides the extra boost to help them make that last push. The team at YOR Health explains that YOR Muscle Energy features a special proteolytic enzyme system to naturally speed up the repair and recovery process for muscle tissue*.

Q: How is YOR Muscle Energy such an integral component in the YOR Health product line?

YOR Health: YOR Muscle Energy helps speed up the repair and recovery process for muscles through our specially designed sugar-free carbohydrate Vitargo. This product also contains the YOR Performance Protease Blend that allows exercise buffs to amp up the intensity of their workouts on a regular basis*.

Q: How exactly do carbohydrates assist the body in performing its daily activities?

YOR Health: Carbohydrates give the body fuel for strength training or any other type of exercise such as swimming, running, cycling or playing tennis. Without loading up on carbohydrates prior to exercise, a person can experience fatigue that brings the workout to a screeching halt.

Q: What makes the ingredients of YOR Muscle Energy so important during the course of a workout?

YOR Health: In the early stages of a workout, the body relies on blood glucose. When its supply is depleted, the body begins using stored carbohydrates and fats, also known as muscle glycogen. Research studies have indicated that lifting weights can cause a depletion of muscle glycogen. YOR Muscle Energy accelerates recovery times, boosts glycogen storage, and decreases the breakdown of muscle protein*.

Q: Can – or should – anyone use YOR Muscle Energy as part of their daily nutritional intake?

YOR Health: This product has been carefully crafted for individuals who are highly active and engaged in regular exercise. YOR Muscle Energy is advised only for our Customers who exercise from medium to high intensity at least four times per week.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.