Friday, January 16, 2015

YOR Health “Commit to Get Fit” Cups Arrive in AU and Mexico

YOR Health
YOR Health products have had great results worldwide. Whether you need to manage your weight, improve your digestive health or increase your energy, the YOR Health product line addresses vital areas of your health and well being. While YOR Health products are easy to use and fit virtually any lifestyle, YOR Health has taken the additional step of creating accessories to help buyers enjoy YOR Health products anywhere. Now, the wildly popular Commit to Get Fit Tumbler Cups are available in Australia and Mexico, for a limited time only. 
Q: YOR Health customers in Australia and Mexico can now purchase the popular YOR Health Commit to Get Fit Tumbler Cups. What has made these cups so popular?
YOR Health: Whether you need a dose of motivation or a cup with double-insulated semi-transparent walls to keep YOR SuperGreens, YOR Shakes, or YOR Berry Blast drinks cool, Commit to Get Fit Tumbler Cups will suit your needs wherever you go.

Q: I have a feeling the Commit to Get Fit message is a perfect conversation starter...
YOR Health: Absolutely! The Commit to Get Fit message opens the door for conversations, which is great because you can share your own personal stories of success or our YOR Health message. This inspirational and fun message allows you to show off your commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Q: What are some of the tumbler cup’s features?
YOR Health: Commit to Get Fit Tumbler Cups have leak-proof lids and are BPA free. They come with a tall easy-sip-straw and hold 24 ounces of refreshing liquid. Another great feature is that they fit securely into a car cup holder.

Q: Can you customize color?
YOR Health: Yes. The sporty high gloss cups are available in two enticing colors: serene blue or sassy orange.
Q: Why are accessories important to individuals using YOR Health products?
YOR Health: At every turn, YOR Health is committed to the customer. With that in mind, YOR Health wants to make sure anyone can enjoy YOR Health products wherever and whenever they want. These fun and sporty cups are perfect for any setting, such as the home, office, or the gym.
Q: How can I purchase these cups?
YOR Health: All YOR Health products and accessories are sold through independent representatives. To learn more about purchasing YOR Health products, visit us at