Thursday, January 22, 2015

YOR Health Members Thrive on Teamwork

Since 2008, YOR Health has been on a mission to spread global awareness about health, happiness, and income opportunities. YOR Health encourages interaction between representatives and we believe that a solid social network is the foundation not only for a successful company, but also for a healthy life.  

Q: Teamwork is important in virtually any environment. What qualities define a team?

YOR Health: There's no single magic formula to make a team function well. One thing that can set the stage for an effective team in any environment is trust. A great team also has great leadership and pushes members to go above and beyond personal expectations.

Q: What benefits do YOR Health team members enjoy?

YOR Health: Our team members enjoy working together and their teamwork satisfies a need for socialization. It helps members grow as they learn from each other and develop important skills. Working together toward a common goal also provides them with a sense of purpose that is both motivating and fulfilling.

Q: YOR Health has seen phenomenal financial growth in recent years. What distinguishes YOR 
Health from other companies, in your opinion?

YOR Health: We wouldn’t be where we are today without the YOR Health team. Nothing would be possible without the spirit and integrity of our amazing team members. No doubt, the strength of the YOR Health team has carried us to new heights, and as a company, we recognize that.

Q: How would you define success?

YOR Health:  At YOR Health we believe success lies in one’s ability to inspire others to succeed as well, and that true success is not achieved by reaching the top alone. True success means “arriving” with people who have always believed in you, trusted in your ability as a leader, and have stuck with you through thick and thin.